Today, our country faces a new enemy amid a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty: vaping. I am aware that statement may seem bold when looking up at the mountain of issues we face in today’s social climate. For that, I credit the marketing behind e-cigarettes painting them as harmless. But before jumping to the conclusion that vaping among our students is nothing to worry about, consider the recent study by Stanford University School of Medicine that links vaping to a significantly increased risk of developing COVID-19. The Journal of Adolescent Health published this study Aug. 11 with our nation’s students on the brink of returning to school.
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An alarming new study suggests millions of young Americans who vape are more likely to get COVID-19.
Natchez-Adams School Board has become the first school district in the country to partner with Schools Against Vaping (SAV). This is a national campaign aimed at providing vaping research and education to America’s schools in addition to educating the public about the legal challenge to e-cigarette manufacturer, JUUL. If successful, this legal action would force the industry leader to help fund cessation programs and educational support for students in school districts that elect to participate in the class action lawsuit.
A group of friends formerly of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Pride of Mississippi Marching Band have formed a new project knows as Schools Against Vaping. The project – which is headed up by Michael Marks, Robert Magee, Ken Leach, James Hannah, Jimmy Harrington, Robert Sevier and Bobby Keating – is a national education advocacy program designed to help combat the vaping epidemic on those campuses.
Lifelong friends, who were college classmates and members of The University of Southern Mississippi’s famed Pride of Mississippi Marching Band, have formed a national education advocacy organization to help combat the vaping epidemic on middle school, high school and community college campuses. The Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band Fraternity brothers have not reassembled as an entire group since Brett Favre was quarterback at Southern Miss! Golden Eagles, all, the one-time education majors now stay in touch via social media as they weather the pandemic and prepare to embrace a new academic challenge.